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A’do’RE fritto offers a variety of some of Italy’s most authentic and famous street-food specialities. The flavours and recipes have been picked right off from the alleys of Naples and are cooked to perfection here in London.

Located daintily among the many small restaurants at Camden Market offering flavours from across the globe, A’do’REfritto is our little attempt to serve you an authentic Italian street food experience.

The Menu

From Salads to Sweets, all our dishes are prepared using the highest quality Italian DOP ingredients available that are Fresh and Organic.





Wine & Cocktails

Fresh ingredients

“A’do’RE’fritto” prides itself on only serving the highest quality Italian DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta literally “Protected Designation of Origin”) product available and cooking with only the freshest ingredients with absolute respect for tradition!

Unique dishes

La Pizza Fritta, Cuoppo napoletano, Le graffe are some of the unique dishes that we offer, combing the best of both Italian and Campania street cuisines. We are hands-down traditional and annoyingly particular when it comes to deciding the tiniest details of our cooking processes.

Beautiful interior

Explore the distinctive flavours of Southern Italy in the heart of London at our airy, well – lit cafe, furnished to feel quintessentially homely and warm. Enjoy our delicacies while taking in the beauty of Camden Market from our shared open court.
Amazing Dishes
DOP Ingredients
Master Pizza Chef


Open All Days

We are open all through the week and the weekends too

Convenient Location

Our Restaurant in Camden Market is Easy to locate and get to

Affordable Dining

We offer the best-priced Italian menu in London.

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To present an original cuisine where texture, purity of flavour and balance is paramount.