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Make your entry into Italian street food through our deep-fried starters ranging from pretzels, calamari, and courgettes, flavoured with parmesan, pecorino, or mozzarella cheese.

10 Dishes

1-Taralli Napoletani

Neapolitan Salty ring cookies with toasted almond and black pepper.


2-Green Olives (V)

Nocellara Green olives.


3-Parmigiana di Melanzane (V)

Sliced fried aubergine layers with mozzarella cooked organic San Marzano tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and basil.


4-Focaccina Mastu Nicola (V)

Fresh Basil EVO oil pecorino cheese and black pepper.

Add spicy pancetta, parma cured ham, Mortadella, spicy Nduja, spianata calabra or Smoked Angus roast-Beef. £3.60
– Smoked salmon or Anchovies from Cetara. £3.60


5-Bruschetta (V)

Home made toasted bread topped with cherry tomato, fresh basil, oregano, garlic, chilly flakes and evo oil. 


La Friggitoria

6-Il Cuoppo Misto

-Arancini di riso (Deep fried Breaded Rice ball with tomato sauce,
parmesan and pecorino cheese filled with mozzarella)
-Crocchette di patate (Deep fried potato croquettes with salt, black pepper, parsley, parmesan and pecorino cheese)
-Frittatina di bucatini (deep fried pasta cake with bechamel, peas and ham)
-Melanzane e zucchine in pastella (Deep fried tempura Courgettes and Aubergine)
-Zeppoline (fried dough ball)-Scagliuzzielli(fried polenta triangles)

R £7.00 L £13.00


Try our unique fried, folded pizzas and pizza buns, along with classic pizzas – all created with selected Italian DOP products.

15 Dishes

La Montanarina

7-Pulcinella (V)

Fried pizza dough topped with cooked Organic San Marzano Tomato, parmesan cheese, basil and EVO oil.



Fried pizza dough topped with ricotta mortadella and ground pistachios.



Fried pizza dough topped with Cream of yellow piennolo from vesuvio, stracciatella of Burrata ,topped with Anchovies from Cetara and walnuts.



Fried dough topped with cream of parmesan cheese, Smoked Angus roast-Beef, truffle honey and walnuts.


La Pizza Fritta (folded fried pizza)

11-Re Ruggiero il Normanno (Classica)

Ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, pork scratching, parmesan cheese, organic San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil and sprinkling of black pepper.


12-Re Federico II (Semplice) (V)

Ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, organic San Marzano tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, Fresh basil and sprinkling of black pepper.


13-Re Carlo I d’angio’ (Completa)

Ricotta, buffalo mozzarella , parmesan cheese, salame napoli, Italian Cooked ham, organic San Marzano tomato sauce, Fresh basil and sprinkling of black pepper.


14-Re Alfonso I d’aragona (V)

Smoked mozzarella, Escarole cooked in EVO oil with pine kernel raisins and black olives from Gaeta.


15-Re vittorio Emanuele II (Piccante)

Slow cooked pork meat in a sweet and spicy red chilli peppers sauce, Smoked mozzarella.


La Pizza a Forno (Oven-Baked Pizza)


Organic tomato Sauce , fresh basil, red and yellow piennolo, Anchovies from Cetara, black olives from Gaeta, Oregano and EVO oil.


17-Margherita (V)

Organic tomato Sauce, fresh Basil, mozzarella fior di latte, parmesan cheese and EVO oil.


18-Zucchine Salsiccia e noci

Cream of pecorino Romano cheese with black pepper, fresh basil, crumbled Italian sausages, fried courgettes, mozzarella fior di latte and provola (smoked cheese), EVO oil and topped with walnuts.


19-La Capricciosa

Organic tomato sauce, fresh basil, Italian cooked ham, salame napoli, artichokes, mozzarella fior di latte, black olives from Gaeta, mushrooms and EVO oil.


20-La Quattro formaggi (V)

Cream of pecorino Romano cheese with black pepper, mozzarella Fior di latte, provola (smoked cheese), gorgonzola and parmesan cheese, basil and EVO oil.


21-A’ Do’RE' (V)

Sweet green chilli pesto (with pine kernel), yellow and red piennolo del vesuvio DOP, mozzarella fior di latte, parmesan cheese and
EVO oil.


Il Saltimbocca Fritto o al Forno (Fried or Oven-Baked Pizza Buns)

22-Via Caracciolo

Provola (smoked Cheese) Italian sausages and friarielli.


23-Spacca Napoli

Porchetta (Slow coked pork belly), fried aubergine in a cherry tomato sauce and Provola (smoked Cheese).



Cream of parmesan cheese , dried tomatoes, rocket, Parma cured ham and baffalo mozzarella.



Burrata cheese, smoked salmon, rocket, shaving of parmesan, pink pepper and EVO oil.


La Mozzarella di Bufala Or Burrata

26-Caprese (V)

With cherry tomato oregano, fresh basil, salt, black pepper and EVO oil.



Oven baked wrapped with Italian cooked ham on a bed of Frirelli. L’Insalatona (main Salad)



Take an appetizing break from fried food, and try our filling salads made with selected Italian DOP ingredients.

2 Dishes

L’Insalatona main Salad

28-Le due sicilie

Rocket and parmesan salad with Smoked Angus roast-Beef, Sicilian pistachios, EVO oil, Modena balsamic vinegar and modena balsamic glaze.



Mix salad with baby spinach, grilled artichoke, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, pieces of orange, EVO oil, Modena balsamic vinegar and modena balsamic glaze.



mayonnaise, spicy tomato sauce, pecorino sauce, romano sauce, parmesan sauce.

Extra topping available (ask the server)
Price from £1.50 to £4.00

Vegan Cheese available
Instead of mozzarella or as an extra for £2.00



Open a bottle of our select wines and let the fruity, aromatic flavours set the tone for a good time and sweet conversations.

8 Drinks

Red Wines

30-Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 65

(Alta Terra) 12% vol 100% montepulciano. Vigorous, fruity and with a long-lasting finish. Deep and intensive ruby red, Intensive fruity notes, especially of plum and cherry.

175ml £5.50
250ml £7.30
750ml £18.50

31-Nero d’Avola Sicilia

(Andrero) 14% vol 100% Nero d’Avola. Intense red with violet reflections. Intense
aroma of wild berries. Elegant, balanced and full bodied, with a smooth and velvety finish.

175ml £6.90
250ml £9
750ml £24.40

32-Aglianico (Campania)

(Bellaria) 12.5% vol 100% Aglianico. Spicy aroma of cinnamon and vanilla. Harmonious wine, with a fruity scent, hints of cherry and violet and a well-balanced aftertaste.

175ml £8.50
250ml £11
750ml £31.35

Rose Wines

33-Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo 65

(Alta Terra) 12.5 % Vol 100% montepulciano. Harmonious and delicate with an inviting, almondy aftertaste. This wine is pleasing, nely vinous, fruity, and has an intense scent.

175ml £5.50
250ml £7.30
750ml £18.50

34-Prosecco Brut

(Villa Giulietta) 11% vol. On the nose the scent is clean, pleasantly fruity, reminiscent of rennet apple and peach blossom. The flavour is soft and well-balanced, with a pleasant freshness that, combined with the finesse of perlage, extends the pleasant aromatic sensations.

175ml £7.60
250ml £10
750ml £27

White Wines

35-Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 65

(Alta Terra) 12% Vol 100% trebbiano. Mild as its flavours may be, the Trebbiano is one of the grapes with high natural acidity and neutral aromas. The hardy Trebbiano yields grapes that flaunt high acid levels yet exhibit little aroma and flavour. As a varietal, its wine is crisp, acidic, light-bodied with subtle hints of lemon and stone minerality.

175ml £5.50
250ml £7.30
750ml £18.50

36-Sauvignon Blanc - ZAGARA Sicilia

(Andrero) 13.5% vol 100% Sauvignon. An elegant minerality is combined with a balanced peach and tropical fruit flavours. Greenish yellow, with fresh and elegant notes of fresh herbs, peach and tropical fruits.

175ml £7.50
250ml £9.60
750ml £26.60

37-Greco di Tufo (Campania)

(Bellaria) 13% vol 100% greco di tufo. This wine tastes very fresh and has a high acidity. Predominantly floral, this wine also exhibits the flavours of apple and pear Williams, with an important note of melon.

All wines are also available in 125ml. Please ask the server for price.

175ml £9.50
250ml £12.50
750ml £34.00


There’s no time that ain’t a beer time! Order a fine mug of beer to wash down those Italian flavours.

6 Drinks

Baladin Beers

38-Baladin Nazionale 6.5 % Vol

This beer has a deep yellow colour, a very subtle hazy appearance and a white, fine, persistent head. Its delicate scents are a perfect example of balance between the fruity, herbaceous and malty
components, and give it a light aroma that invites you to drink.

Ingredients: Water, malt of barley from our fields, Italian hops, mix of spices and citrus zest in variable proportions, sugar and yeast.


39-Baladin IPPA 6.5 % Vol

A beer with a nice bright amber colour and a white head. Distinct citrusy notes of tangerine are complemented by notes of melon and mango. The taste immediately shows that this is a unique interpretation of classic English IPAs: the yeast strain – selected and grown at the brewery – gives it an unequivocally Baladin character. IPPA is surprisingly easy to drink and leaves your mouth clean and satisfied, thanks to its balanced bitterness and the harmonious use of hops.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops and yeast.


40-Baladin ISAAC 5 % Vol

A hay-yellow blanche, with a slightly hazy and cloudy appearance and a moderate, fine head. The scents
are pleasantly citrusy and subtle aromas of spices gradually intensify as the beer becomes warmer.
When sipped, it releases a beautiful harmony of cereals and citrus fruits, which mix and blend creating a delicate floral and spicy balance. The finish is slightly herbaceous and leaves a faint, yet tantalizing peppery note in the mouth.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, wheat a mix of spices, and citrus zest in variable proportions, hops, sugar and yeast.


41-Baladin SIDRO 4.7 % Vol

We have selected a mix of apples grown in Italy to make a very well balanced, fresh, and fragrant cider.
It has a straw-yellow, clear color and a fine perlage. The scents of apples and spring flowers are complemented by a fresh and delicate taste of apple.

Ingredients: Baladin cider is made exclusively from Italian apples.


Menabrea Beers

42-Lager (Bionda) 4.5 % Vol

Menabrea is matured gently in the perfect temperature of our cave cellars for a taste of superior clarity. This 4.8% ABV pale lager is well balanced between citrus, bitter tones and floral, fruity undertones giving a consistent and refined flavour. It has a complicated malty, hoppy taste with an exceptional head retention due to the quality of our ingredients and maturation process.


43-Amber (Ambrata) 5.0 % Vol

A 5.0% ABV Amber Beer, full bodied and well rounded, with a moderately bitter flavour. Amber in colour with bronze overtones, this lager is another example of the brewery’s exceptional capabilities



Mix it up a little with our range of popularly delicious and exciting cocktails, stirred and shaken to that perfect blend.

12 Drinks


Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, Limoncello muddled with lime, fresh mint, sugar syrup and Angostura bitters, topped with soda.



Campari and sweet Vermouth mixed with soda garnish with orange wedge. The flavour is slightly bitter with a light citrus note.


46-Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Prosecco , Soda , garnish with an orange slice. Light refreshing with a unique bittersweet taste.


47-Limoncello Spritz

Limoncello, Prosecco and soda, garnished with lemon. The most popular Italian aperitif is a fresh and aromatic variant that enhances the Mediterranean flavour.


48-Hugo Spritz

Fresh and sweet slightly flavoured with elderflower syrup, lemon and mint topped with Prosecco and soda, garnished with a slice of citrus.


49-Amaretto or Brandy Sour

Disaronno amaretto or Vecchia Romagna brandy , shaken with angostura bitters, lemon, sugar syrup and egg white, garnish lemon peel and maraschino cherry.



Bubbles drinks prepared with Prosecco and purée fruit: peach /strawberry or fresh orange juice.


51-Bloody Mary Piennolo

Absolut Vodka, neapolitan tomato Piennolo juice, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, pepper, celery salt, garnish with fresh celery.


52-Espresso Martini

Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua liqueur, sugar syrup and a shot of fresh espresso, garnished with coffee bean.



With a typical intense dark orange colour and a strong and bitter taste, Negroni is prepared with Campari, Red Vermouth and Gin filled with ice and refreshed by a slice or peel of orange.


54-Negroni Sbagliato

Where the Prosecco replaces the Gin, making the drink lighter and more lovable, garnished with orange.


55-Smash Al Basilico

Hendricks Gin muddled with lemon, fresh basil and sugar syrup, shaken and garnished with basil leaves.


Refreshing Beverages

When you need to stay healthy and hydrated, we have some amazingly delicious options for your refreshment.

20 Drinks

Soft Drinks

56-Still Water


57-Sparkling Water


Bio Organic Juice 100%

58-Organic Pineapple


59-Organic Orange


60-Organic Apple


Cortese BIO Sparkling Drinks

61-Organic Blood Orange


62-Organic Cola


63-Organic Limonata


64-Organic Tonic


Organic Coffee



66-Double Espresso


67-Espresso Macchiato


68-Double espresso macchiato







71-English breakfast tea


Digestive Drinks

72-Vecchia Romagna Brandy

50ml £7.00

73-Sambuca Molinari

25ml £3.50

74-Amaro Vecchio Del Capo

25ml £3.50

75-Limoncello Di Capri

25ml £3.50

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