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Enrico Vitale
Was born in Naples in 1976. He graduated as a surveyor in 1993, then worked in catering since graduation gaining more than twenty years of experience in the industry. This coupled with a good knowledge of raw ingredients and a strong passion for food and good cuisine led Enrico to his new catering experience in London which began in 2003 with the opening, in partnership with his brother, of the Italian restaurant, ‘Donna Margherita’ which offers customers a typical cuisine of southern Italy. Having played an important role in management and administration over the years, he has acquired a broad knowledge of marketing and customer service.
Since 2013 he has been working as General Manager in Franco Mancarestaurant having the opportunity to actively participate in the growth of the business.
His work experience includes: building customer relations, skiving to provide the best customer experience, food and drink knowledge, staff training and development, budgeting and cost control, food & hygiene and finally menu development.
Roberto Vitale
Was born in Naples in 1990 and Moved to London when he was Thirteen (2003) following his brother.He used to spend every afternoon after school and the summer holidays, in his older brothers’ restaurant ‘Donna Margherita’ and day-by-day, with passion and dedication he learned how the make pizza and all the secrets of this fantastic art.
In 2009 he returned to Naples for a few years where he had the opportunity to master his cooking technique working with pizza chefs from the APN (Neapolitan pizza association) and AVPN (The true Neapolitan pizza Association) in different restaurants in the city.
Since he came back to London in 2015 he has been working as a Pizza chef in several restaurants including ‘Princi’, ‘Franco Manca’ and ‘Radio Alice’.
His work experience includes: Provide the best customers food experience, kitchen staff training and development, food & hygiene, menu development.

We aim to offer our customers a chance to discover regional flavours – both Italian and of Campania region..

Owing to the significance of Naples in Italian history as one of the two capital cities in the Sicilies in Southern Italy, the language Neapolitan was widely used and is today popularly considered as Italy’s second official language. For this reason, UNESCO has listed Neapolitan as a language to be preserved and protected. At A’do’REfritto we simply do our part to educate a larger global audience about the uniqueness of Naples’ street food flavours.

Got a taste for preparing Italian delicacies?