Roberto Vitale


When we sat down to pick a name for our restaurant, we began with the first letters of our own names (Roberto and Enrico) and we got RE – which means ‘King.’ And just like that, we knew our restaurant had to be ‘the King of fried food’ or A’Do’RE fritto – the famous Neapolitan idiom that is used to describe someone who does something better than everyone else!

In Neapolitan ‘AdoREfritto’ also translates to ‘the aroma of fried food,’ – a truly appetizing fragrance that you can’t resist.

Our ‘Love’ for Fritto is evident, but we wanted to express it in just every language possible. So call it ‘Adore’ in English or ‘Adorer’ in French, ‘Adorar’ in Spanish or even ‘Ador’ in Neapolitan, our passion for authentic Italian fried food is hard-to-miss!

And this passion runs in our blood and inspires us to constantly find new ways to preserve and promote the best of Italian food culture. Fried pizza has a soul deeply rooted in the most cherished landscape of Naples. Delicacies like the classic Neapolitan pizza (cooked in the oven) have now reached an international dimension. In urban developments, large trays full of oil have almost entirely disappeared. Fortunately, the great success of “street food” is bringing this extraordinary product of fried pizza to its new youth in Naples. And we are here to share this treasure with you.